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                  How to Setup Your 2X Collar

                  Note: This is only for the Track N Guard 2X Collar with Bluetooth Technology. All other collars need to be                                                           registered  and managed at



Thank you for purchasing the Blue Frog Track N Guard 2X Protective Collar. Please follow these easy steps to setup your collar.


  1. Download “The Smart Buckle” app from the Apple or Android App Store. Click here for the links to the App.  

  2. Once downloaded, open the App and select “Create New Account” and Register.

  3. The first tab (Buckles) shows all of the collars that you have setup. If it is your first collar, this page will be blank. 

  4. Next, let’s activate the collar! Locate the tab strip on the underside of the buckle on your collar. Press on the white cover of the collar with your finger (not too hard, just enough to hold it while you pull the tab) and pull the tab strip. The collar will blink blue once. This means the battery is activated. **Important! Make sure your Bluetooth is on in your phone settings and you are not connected to any other Bluetooth devices for the next step.

  5. On the Buckles tab in the App, press “Add Device” on the top left of the screen.

  6. Select “Dog Collar”

  7. The next screen will search for the active collar. When a number appears press “Setup” to the right to setup that collar. If no collar is found, press ”Start Scanning” again and keep the collar near the phone.

  8. The setup screen should open and say “Connected” at the top of the screen. Add the details about the pet and press “Save”

  9. Proceed to Manage Pet I.D. and add particular details for anyone that may find your lost pet, examples include pet image, phone #, special instructions, etc. This will automatically be entered on our website so that your information can be shared when someone finds your pet. 



Congratulations, your collar is now setup!


For support questions, please inquire at the Support tab at the top of the page.

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