• Embedded engraved pet tag

  • Free 411pet.net website access

  • Rugged, Nylon Material

  • Reflector Design for Darkness

  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Rose Gold, Turquoise, Grey, Green & Orange

  • Also available in Athletica Air Mesh and Martingale Designs

Avoid loss of tags and your pet with our securely integrated, stainless steel 411 Pet Identification Tag! 1 in 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime. Less than 2 percent of lost cats and only 15 to 20 percent of lost dogs make it back home to their families (per the National Council on Pet Population Study). Most pets who do get home are wearing an ID tag or are microchipped or tattooed. Relying solely on a tag has its pitfalls, however. TAGS BREAK AND FALL OFF! They become worn down and hard to read. Often, we forget to order new tags to update our information. If your pet loses its tag, it's as if your pet never had an ID in the first place. While hanging tags are great to have, we suggest having some kind of back up .

How It Works: Our manufacturing process includes an ultra-sound securing process and integration of Pet I.D. tag directly within the collar; this eliminates the far too often scenarios where the identification tag breaks off. Manage and update your pet's information on the 411 Pet.net website.
Ease Of Use: When your pet is found by the good samaritan, they will enter our 411PET.NET website on their phone or computer, enter the assigned unique, I.D. # and you are notified promptly via our proprietary Pet Profile software designed into the free 411pet.net website. (See below)