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The 2X offers the same features as the 1X such as the community plus a bonus layer of protection with Bluetooth tracking. We have partnered strategically with TrackR technology, we integrate our proprietary technologies  yielding the pet owner vast benefits of the “Crowd Locate” network with over 2 MILLION daily finds! Simply download our free "The Smart Buckle" app on your smart phone for full control of your pet.

How It Works:  If your pet wanders away, the TrackR Global Community kicks in and simply log in to The Smart Buckle app on your mobile device and see the last known location of your pet when it passes any of the millions of Trackr crowd community members.


Free Smart Buckle App


Ease of Use: Your lost pet, within vicinity of TrackR global users, Track N Guard collar will send you a notification with the last known GPS location. Additionally, the TrackR Network user will receive a notification with your pet's description and contact Information for “real-time” pet retrieval and securing until you arrive. NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES!

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