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Question:  How Do I Setup My Collar?

Answer:  First, activate your Bluetooth module battery by following the written instructions on the back of the buckle (reference “Pull Tab”). 

Next, go to the Apple Store or Android Play Store; search for “The Smart Buckle” APP and load.  Once successfully loaded on your phone, Click on the Smart Buckle ICON and create a User Name and Password; proceed to LOG IN to your new account.

Take the quick TUTORIAL, you can find this in your top right corner under “GETTING STARTED”.


Question:  How long does it take to connect to my collar once I have set it up ( under Manage Collar) ?

Answer:  While typically it takes about 20 seconds to connect, the connection is largely dependent on your Bluetooth phone capabilities and timing; be patient, this may take longer than the standard 20 seconds.  Once connected, your screen will be activated to use the “Light Up Collar” tab and other functional tabs shown. 

Note:  Please make sure to have your collar close to your phone when setting up and attempting to “Connect”.


Question:  Where do I setup my pet information for when someone finds them?

Answer:  For the 1X collar, you will go to and "Set up collar" and will manage the collar there.

For the 2X collar, you will use the free App "The Smart Buckle" to manage your collar. Once you have added & connected to your collar, you can use the "Manage Pet ID Tag" button to enter any and all information you wish for someone to contact you in the event that your pet is lost, and found. 

Note:  Please make sure to ONLY setup information once under “The Smart Buckle APP”; the 411PET.NET website is restricted only for the individuals that may find your pet and wish to contact you OR consumers that purchase our 1X product only – which is not Bluetooth enabled.  The information you setup within The Smart Buckle APP will automatically populate the 411PET.NET website, there is nothing you need to do.


Question:  Can I change / update any information for my pet and collar once I have already setup it up initially?

Answer: Yes, for the 2X collars, simply go to “Buckles”, select your collar to make changes on, then touch the tab “Manage Pet I.D. Tag”.  Make sure to hit “Save” when finished with our updates.  For the 1X collars, simply login at to manage your collar.


Question:  How do I identify my pets “Last Location” if lost ? 

Answer:  Our 2X products work ingeniously via our proprietary Bluetooth module which integrates with one of the largest global Crowd Locate Networks in the world no service fees, no monthly fees, no hidden costs.  

Essentially, whenever your lost pet may pass one of the millions of TrackR users in the world, this will show up via our “The Smart Buckle APP”; all you need to do is go to the APP under “Manage Collar”, hit the “Location” tab and you will be able to view the recent pet sightings.

Note:  this feature acts as an extremely large, global “Lost & Found Community”; the collar’s Bluetooth module looks for a Crowd Locate Network user every eight (8) seconds.  You can also look to see how many TrackR users there are in your area on their website, by address, zip code please see:

Question:  How does the 411PET.NET pre engraved I.D. tag work?

Answer:  for anyone that finds your pet when lost, they will simply go to the website, they will type in your pet’s I.D. No. under “Found A Pet”; this will provide them with all the information they need, per your setup under “The Smart Buckle APP”, and contact you from there.  They can also send you a GPS Location if you have enabled this during your setup process.

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